Battery materials specialist Talga Group joins AROSE

ASX-listed battery and advanced materials company Talga Group has joined an exclusive list of members helping AROSE advance Australia’s remote operations capability on Earth and in Space.

Talga is the latest company to join AROSE, the Perth-based remote operations accelerator whose impressive list of members includes leading companies from the resources, Space and research sectors.

Talga Group Managing Director Mark Thompson said membership of AROSE aligned with the company’s culture of innovation, research and development and sustainable growth.

“Talga aims to enable the world’s most sustainable batteries and advanced materials using our innovative graphitic technology,” Mr Thompson said.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with AROSE members and helping to transfer our knowledge and expertise of graphite-based products to in-Space applications.”

AROSE Chair David Flanagan said Talga’s future-facing battery materials technology was an ideal complement to the products and services of its 14 other members, all industry leaders in their respective fields.

“It is an exciting time for Australia’s space industry with many opportunities for local companies to expand their service offering, develop workforce skills and become a valued part of the international Space supply chain,” Mr Flanagan said.

“The Space sector is creating a new economic engine for sustainable growth and jobs in Australia.”

Mr Thompson said Talga viewed Space applications as an exciting extension for the company’s advanced materials research and development program.

“Talga’s in-house expertise and facilities allow us to customise materials to suit highly specialised end-use applications,” Mr Thompson said.

“Membership of AROSE will open up opportunities for us to participate in exciting new projects at the forefront of research and materials science with our industry peers.”

Mr Thompson said Talga’s European facilities are ideal for developing and testing products and materials for the demanding conditions of Space exploration. Talga is one of the world’s leading developers of green lithium-ion battery anodes and high-performance graphite-based materials. Talga’s flagship graphite anode product has an ultra-low CO2 emissions profile with demonstrated fast-charge, high-capacity and low-temperature performance.

In addition, Talga specialises in creating advanced materials that are lighter, stronger and more conductive. Applications include building materials, coatings, composites, plastics and energy storage.

Battery and advanced materials specialist Talga Group has joined an exclusive list of members helping AROSE advance Australia’s remote operations capability on Earth and in Space. Image courtesy Talga Group.