Australia, we are going back to the Moon!

For every Australian, the exciting frontier of space, already responsible for so many benefits to life on Earth, is calling again.

This new mission is so important, by taking our remote operations expertise into space, we will learn and invent more things to benefit and support life here on Earth.

NASA has asked for Australia’s help – onboard the Artemis program –their Moon to Mars initiative. We have world leading expertise in remote operations, so they have asked us to design, build and test –and remotely operate – Australia’s first rover on the moon.

This lunar rover will collect moon dirt ‘lunar soil’ from which NASA will extract oxygen. This is a critical first step toward sustainable human life in space and the exploration of the next frontier. It will be one of Australia’s biggest contributions to civil space as a nation since the Apollo mission and a chance to play a part in history today to create a legacy that benefits Australia tomorrow.

AROSE is one of two Australian consortiums selected by NASA to work on early-stage rover prototypes as part of Stage One of the Trailblazer program.

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Artist’s Impression, AROSE Lunar Rover
Artist’s Impression, AROSE Lunar Rover