World-leading Space robotics and technology company, MDA, joins AROSE

AROSE welcomes internationally renowned Space and Earth-based robotics and technology company, MDA, as a member of the AROSE consortium.

Founded in 1969, Canadian-based MDA is a world leader in the development, delivery, and remote operations of advanced robotics and sensors systems.

MDA’s Space flight heritage includes 90 robotic missions on NASA’s Space Shuttle fleet for over 30 years, plus 20 years of International Space Station robotic assembly and maintenance operations.

In 2020, MDA was also contracted to build Canadarm3, a next-generation smart robotic arm, for NASA’s Artemis (Earth to Moon) program.


AROSE CEO, Leanne Cunnold, welcomed this new membership and the opportunity to develop a joint AROSE-MDA Space Robotics project.

“Working with an iconic company like MDA and being able to tap into their wealth of knowledge and expertise has immeasurable value for AROSE as we foster and develop Australian Space industry talent, technology and capabilities,” she said.

“Partnerships like this take us one step closer to achieving the AROSE vision and seeing more Australian flags on missions sent to the Moon, Mars and beyond.”

MDA Vice President for Robotics and Space Operations, Tim Kopra, also recognised the importance of this collaboration with AROSE and Australia’s industrial leaders, saying:

“We are honoured to join AROSE in this important partnership that couples MDA’s space robotics capabilities with Australia’s recognised leadership in remote industrial operations.”

“As the opportunities within the space sector continue to expand, the AROSE consortium will be perfectly positioned to leverage our combined technology, operations, and industry expertise.”

“We look forward to working with this incredible team. ”