A huge congratulations to Team UNSW who placed third in the recent Colorado School of Mines – Lockheed Martin “Over the Dusty Moon Challenge”.

Using a blueprint prepared by AROSE and industry from an earlier challenge (“Break the Ice”) where UNSW was a key contributor,  the UNSW team had to transport lunar regolith – or soil – between a hopper and MRE plant 5m horizontally and 2m vertically.

The UNSW team competed against five other universities from around the world and were judged by representatives from NASA, Lockheed Martin Space and ICON.

AROSE is pleased to be driving the knowledge development and transfer in remote operations capability from industry to our future workforce.

The knowledge and expertise Australia has developed through its world-leading mining industry is now helping the nation become a leader in robotics and automation in space.

Take a look at what the “Over the Dusty Moon Challenge” was all about.

“Dustbusters” take on the Over the Dusty Moon Challenge