Innovators get a boost to create space jobs

Innovative Australian small-to-medium enterprises and ‘scale-ups’ are to be incubated into the global space industry as part of a national incubator program.

The ‘QuantumTX Fast Forward’ Technology for Earth and Space program will help scale technology solutions aligned with Australia’s goal of tripling the size of its sector by 2030.

The program is open to start-ups across the full spectrum of automated to autonomous capabilities, including robotic platforms, artificial intelligence, satellite communications, simulation, digital systems, interoperability, and services that support remote operations.

“This is a significant opportunity for Australian SME’s and ‘scale-ups’ to leverage their expertise in robotics, technology and systems to solve major industry challenges with international collaboration and industry support,” said Quantum Technology Exchange Founder, Adjunct Professor Peter Rossdeutscher.

“Participation in the QuantumTX program is valued at $25,000 but due to industry and government sponsorship, will be offered free for up to 20 Australian businesses via a competitive application process.”

Included in the QuantumTX program is a range of masterclasses, industry mentoring and direct access to experts with experience from NASA, Nova Systems, the European Space Agency, Rio Tinto, the Australian Space Agency, the Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE),  Robotics Australia Group, Oz Minerals, Defence, Austrade, METS Ignited, Atomic Sky and other leading organisations.

The QuantumTX program is aligned with the Australian Space Agency’s Robotics and Automation on Earth and in Space Roadmap.

“Australia’s expertise in robotics and automation, in particular remote operations, will support the next frontier on the lunar surface and beyond,” said Enrico Palermo, Head of the Australian Space Agency.

“Our vision in this area is bold, built upon a strong backbone of demonstrated capability. We encourage programs like QuantumTX by Atomic Sky and AROSE to play a critical role in creating connections, capacity and opportunities across sectors whilst helping build home-grown space capabilities.”

Supported by AROSE, participants will visit leading remote systems sites, including Fugro’s Australian Space Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC) and Roy Hill’s remote command and control centre.

“Australia is at the cutting-edge of robotics technology and systems for remote operations, which are going to be central to setting up a sustainable presence on the Moon, and eventually supporting human exploration of Mars,” AROSE CEO Leanne Cunnold said.

“While improved safety performance is the primary motivation for industry to increasingly use remote operations, the benefits are widespread including for technology innovation, efficiency and productivity, and sustainability.

“The growth of analytics and robotics capabilities in the resources sector alone is estimated to add A$74 billion to the economy by 2030 and create 80,000 new jobs.

“AROSE is proud to sponsor the QuantumTX program which will give SME’s and ‘scale-ups’ a tremendous opportunity to leverage and diversify their expertise into the space sector.”

Adjunct Professor Rossdeutscher said the future skills required for a prosperous and sustainable Australia would be dependent on scaling small businesses and multi-sector collaboration.

“The opportunities in digital technologies are immense, but it is also complex,” he said.

The QuantumTX program takes a collaborative approach to unlock this potential by linking start-ups with large producers, and accessing test sites, specialist sector expertise, investment capital and mentors.”

Applications open on 10 August 2022 and close on 16 September 2022.

The QuantumTX program is funded is by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Incubator Support Initiative, AROSE and Atomic Sky. It has additional support from METS Ignited, Robotics Group Australia and Fugro.

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(L-R) AROSE CEO Leanne Cunnold, METS Ignited General Manager WA & SA Kylah Morrison, Quantum Technology Exchange Founder Adjunct Professor Peter Rossdeutscher and AROSE Program Director Michelle Keegan are urging innovative small-to-medium enterprises and ‘scale-ups’ to apply for this year’s QuantumTX Program.

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L-R) AROSE Program Director Michelle Keegan, METS Ignited General Manager WA & SA Kylah Morrison, AROSE CEO Leanne Cunnold and Quantum Technology Exchange Founder Adjunct Professor Peter Rossdeutscher are urging innovative small-to-medium enterprises and ‘scale-ups’ to apply for this year’s QuantumTX program.