Data Consultancy and High Performance Computing service provider, EngineRoom, joins AROSE

AROSE welcomes new member EngineRoom, a data consultancy and specialist High Performance Computing (HPC) service provider, that also specialises in high-performance liquid immersion cooling.

Founded in 2013, EngineRoom helps organisations solve complex, large scale data challenges through High Performance Computing as a Service, combining smart next-level thinking, HPC platforms and tools, along with data pipeline expertise.

EngineRoom’s track record in data intensive applications includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Quantum Computing, Image Analytics and GIS.

Their expertise has been used across industry sectors for a diverse range of applications, including: simulating & developing new cancer treatments; lowering corporate fraud; rendering blockbuster visual effects; predicting injury in professional athletes; helping identify dark matter & gravitational waves; and calculating re-entry profiles for space craft.

In addition to their HPC as a Service offering, EngineRoom has also developed and adopted an innovative high-performance liquid immersion cooling technology, HYDRA.

Engineroom liquid imersion hydra liquid immersion HYDRA

Australian designed and manufactured, HYDRA takes an innovative approach to data centre cooling by immersing IT hardware in a non-conductive inert mineral oil.  Heat generated by the IT hardware is removed by circulating the liquid into direct contact with the components, achieving a cooling efficacy 1200 times greater than air.

HYDRA Supercharges compute performance, reduces server power draw and improves hardware reliability, significantly lowering costs for HPC services.

On joining AROSE, EngineRoom CEO, Stefan Gillard said: “Advancements in Space and Remote Operations are destined to provide far reaching benefit to humankind, wherever we venture.”

“EngineRoom is delighted to join this incredible team, working together to push the boundaries of possibility”.

AROSE CEO, Leanne Cunnold, welcomed EngineRoom saying:

“AROSE warmly welcomes EngineRoom as a member.  Being able to manage and extract more value from data using EngineRoom’s advanced capabilities is a huge boost to AROSE as we embark on several key data-driven initiatives.”

“We look forward to working with EngineRoom to transform industries, explore Space, and return benefits to our economy, workforce, communities and planet.”