AROSE Resource Advisory Board to Boost Resource and Space Industry Collaboration

AROSE (Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth), has created the Resources Advisory Board (RAB), and announced its high profile, industry-leading board members.

The Board was created to support the delivery of the mission of AROSE, to take Australia’s remote operations expertise to space and optimise the learnings for terrestrial applications. The Board’s work will underpin the space-tech transfer across multi-sectors, through the acceleration of knowledge transfer and so build capability across both the resources and the space sectors.

AROSE is particularly interested in space design, sustainability, and the application of reciprocal sharing of expertise and knowledge between the resources and space industries.

The announcement of the RAB follows the submission of an AROSE-led consortium’s tender for The Trailblazer Project. The tender, released by the Australian Space Agency is to build an Australian-made foundation services rover for Australia to play a direct role in NASA’s Artemis mission to go back to the Moon and on to Mars.

Mr Peter Rossdeutscher has taken on the role of Advisory Board Chair of the Resources Advisory Board, in addition to his roles as Principal, Atomic Sky, Founder QuantumTX, and Board Director, Minex CRC.

According to Mr. Rossdeutscher: “The AROSE Resources Advisory Board brings some of the best leaders in resources together to focus on ensuring that Australia plays a pivotal role in the space sector development, while enhancing mining operations.

“By bringing together representation of Australia’s world-leading industry position in remote operations, accrued through our resources and mining organisations, technology, and experts, we are in pole position to help space organisations across the world deliver successful space missions.

While we have the mandate to support several space-related projects, we are particularly excited about the potential for industry and knowledge growth” he said.

The Board’s Deputy Chair is Ms. Michelle Keegan, who joined AROSE in 2021 as Program Director and who has more than 25 years of experience in mining, strategy, and technology development across the resources and chemical industries.

According to Deputy Chair, RAB, Ms. Keegan: “The commonalities between modern resource businesses and space, cannot be overestimated. Both require a focus on a smaller footprint, the delivery of zero-carbon emission operations and a reliance on substantial amounts of data to support decision making. They operate in sensitive geographic environments and need to work in a way that reduces risks for employees, their communities, and their industries.

“The parallels for both industries are incredible and the opportunity to collaborate and drive rapid and sustainable change to both industries, has never been greater,” she said.

Mr. Rossdeutscher and Ms. Keegan, are joined on the RAB by:

  • Heidi Edwards, General Manager of Research, Development and Technology, Rio Tinto;
  • Sarah Coleman. CEO at idoba;
  • Clytie Dangar. Global Head of Partnerships, IMDEX. Board Director, Austmine;
  • Flavia Xavier Program Director – Technology Development, South32;
  • Katie Hulmes, General; Manager of Transformation and Readiness, OZ Minerals;
  • Mike Lomman, GM, Supply Chain & Remote Operations, Roy Hill;
  • Graeme Stanway, Founder and CEO, Slate Advisory & State of Play; and
  • Adrian Beer, CEO, METS Ignited